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Corning Fiber

Corning Cable Systems, Corning Cable Assemblies, Corning Pre-Terminated Fiber, Fiber Installation Products and Tools, Corning Custom Fiber Assemblies

Corning Fiber
from a Reliable Manufacturer and Supplier


We serve:

  • Data Centers, NOC/ Network Operations Centers, Command and Control Centers
  • IT Departments in Large Corporations
  • The US Government Agencies, State and Local Municipalities
  • Military facilities and installations in the USA and abroad
  • Medical Facilities and Hospitals
  • Educational Facilities, Campuses
  • Medium and Small Businesses, Offices
  • Green Energy Solution Providers
  • Cabling Installers, Network Installers, Premise Wiring Contractors, Fiber Cable Installlers
  • Residential and Home Wiring Installers
  • Builders and Contractors of Single and Multi-Housing Units, Apartment Complexes, Office Complexes and other Commercial Buildings
  • Cabling Contractors and Fiber Installers for Redevelopments, Retrofits
  • Stores, Dealers, and Resellers in the USA and Worldwide
Located in New York State, our company offers manufacturing, distribution and wholesale for Corning fiber, such as complete Corning Cable Systems, Corning Cable Assemblies, Corning Pre -Terminated Fiber, Fiber Installation Products and Tools, Corning Custom Fiber Assemblies and Specialty Fiber Cables.

We know our success is based upon your satisfaction, and we are ready to work hard to win and maintain your loyalty. You can truly count on our commitment to excellence. Our company is one of the most experienced and reliable Corning fiber assembly manufacturer and supplier in the United States.

We continuously make significant technology investments, keep pace with industry standards and acquire the most advanced manufacturing equipment and tooling. In addition, our highly skilled manufacturing and engineering staff is fully committed to a zero-defect quality program and ensures the highest quality workmanship available.

Whether your application is simple or complex, standard or very custom, we have the technical expertise and the manufacturing capability to help. If you are in the design stages of your cabling solution , we can provide fiber cable engineering assistance and prototyping. If your requirements are already specified and ready for quote, we are uniquely positioned to meet your deadlines as well as your price targets. Our engineering support begins from the moment of your inquiry and continues till long after your product has been delivered. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Corning Cable Systems - Distribution, Wholesale, Corporate Accounts, In House Manufacturing of Custom Cable Assemblies

If you are looking for Corning fiber you came in the right place. Our USA based facility offers a very large diversity of fiber cabling solutions and our prices are very competitive for Distribution, Wholesale, Corporate Accounts, as well as In House Manufacturing of Custom Cable Assemblies. Contact us today to Request a Quote and to let us know about your requirements. Please Attach your Spec Files if any available. The Free Consultation that we provide could make a difference in the way you plan, execute and maintain your fiber network for today and tommorow. Our specialists are at the forefront of fiber cabling technologies and they will provide you with the best solution within your budget. Please see below the products we offer:

     Corning Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

     Custom Fiber Optic Assemblies, Built to Specs Fiber Assemblies, Specialty Fiber Cables

     Fiber Cable Assembly Design, Fiber Cable Assembly Engineering, Fiber Cable Assembly Prototypes

     Corning Preterminated Fiber Assemblies

     Bulk Fiber Optic Cable from Corning

    • Corning Indoor Fiber
    • Corning Outdoor Fiber
    • Corning Indoor/Outdoor Fiber

     Corning Fiber Optic Interconnects - Field Installable Connectors, Field Installable Toolkits, Fiber Fan-Out Kits, Mechanical Splice, Factory Installable Connectors , Accessories

     Corning Fiber Optic Hardware

     Corning Fiber Optic Test Equipment

     Corning Fiber Optic Splice Equipment

     Corning Fiber Optic Closures

     Corning Fiber Optic Terminals

Enterprise Networks and Carrier Networks built with Corning Fiber - Lanscape and Evolant Solutions

We help customers with Lanscape and Evolant Solutions from Corning. These cables are used in Enterprise Networks and Carrier Networks worldwide. Contact us today for a Quick Quote, our specialists are ready to provide you with the cables you need for your application.

Enterprise networks are owned by a single organization or entity for the exclusive use of the organization's members. For example, universities, businesses, medical campuses, etc. LANscape Solutions offer our Enterprise Networks customers complete tip-to-tip product solutions for premises networks.


Carrier networks are owned by communications providers that sell phone, video and/or data services. For example, networks owned by telecommunications companies, CATV companies, municipalities, etc. Evolant Solutions for Carrier Networks delivers world-class products and services for high-bandwidth outside plant networks – over a wide range of applications: FTTx, Multidwelling Unit (MDU), CATV, Wireless and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Surplus Fiber Optic Cable

We offer daily surplus fiber optic cable and installation products at very competitive prices. If you are interested in Corning surplus fiber, please contact us.


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