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Fiber Assemblies

Built to Specs, Custom Made, Standard Fiber Patch Cables, OSP Cables and more

We serve companies, data centers, campuses, fiber installers, cabling and wiring contractors, solutions providers and other OEM and ODM customers with Fiber Assemblies, Built to Specs, Custom Made Fiber, Standard Fiber Patch Cables, OSP Cables and more.

Our very large diversity of fiber optic patch cords, such as single mode and multimode fiber, as well as our pre-terminated fiber, make us one of the finest fiber optic suppliers in the USA. We also manufacture custom fiber assemblies, industrial fiber cables, medical fiber cable assemblies and specialty fiber.

With very competitive prices and excellent customer support, we can be your source for all your fiber cabling products and all your building applications.

     Plenum Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
     Riser Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
     General Purpose Fiber
     Harsh Environment Fiber Optics
     Industrial Optical Fiber
     Medical Fiber Cable Assemblies
     Outside Plant Fiber

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