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Industrial Cables

Industrial CablesIn support of our manufacturing clients we design and manufacture industrial grade cables, MIL Spec low voltage electrical cables, industrial Ethernet cables, industrial cables with rectangular & cylindrical connectors, industrial cable assemblies for Coax and Twin-ax Applications, industrial wire harnesses, flexible robotics cables, custom electrical cables,  Industrial Cables for Control & Instrumentation, molded industrial cables, RoHS Compliant Cables for Industrial Use, etc.

Industrial Cables - Feature Highlights:

     Sealing performance per IP 67
     Meet TIA/EIA-568 Category 5e link requirements
     Protective cover available for the receptacles
     Use of quality environmental connectors for industrial applications
    Positive lock coupling ring provides reliable connections in harsh environments
     Available pass-through and field installable receptacle styles
     Bulkhead receptacle mounts to either outside or inside panel cutout
     Polarized for proper mating between the connector halves
     Fully intermateable with unshielded product
     Provide for reliable performance in electrically noisy conditions on factory floors
     Compliance with all major national & international industry specifications
     Operating range: -40F to +185F

Industrial Cables 2We distinguish ourselves in the industry with advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities, a highly skilled technical staff, and the best quality suppliers of bulk cable and components. Recent years have brought significant advances in industrial cables and industrial Ethernet. For instance, the Tyco Electronics family of industrial Ethernet connectors and cable assemblies is designed to meet the most demanding manufacturing, processing and commercial application requirements.


 Combining existing RJ-45 connector technology with the industry's proven mini circular format connectors, we offer a series of products that protect the integrity of your data transmission in the most adverse operating environments. This new, rugged connector series meets the Ethernet/IP RJ-45 requirements. Designed for use in harsh environments, the connector features a quick-connect bayonet coupling mechanism per the Open Device-Net Vendors Association (ODVA) inter-operability interface specification.


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