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Networking Cables
Fiber Cables, Cat 5e, Cat6 & Cat7 Patch Cords

cat 6We manufacture and market a full line of networking cables, such as fiber cables, fiber optic jumpers, CAT 5e, CAT6 patch cords, and Cat7 cables. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, our patch cords are fully tested before they are shipped. We also offer an extensive line of OEM cable equivalents such as Cisco Cables, Nortel cables, HP, Telco 25 pair cables, and IBM token ring Cables.

network cables

LAN / Networking Cables:

     Cat5E Cables with Molded Boots and w/o boots
     Cat 6, cat 6e, and Cat 7 Patch Cables with Molded Boots
     Flat Black Satin RJ45 Cable
     Telco Cables
     Bulk CAT5 and Cat5E Wire, Cat6, Cat6e and Cat7 wire
     Custom Patch Cables


Custom Networking Cables
In addition to standard networking cables, to completely fulfill the requirements of our customers, we also manufacture custom networking cables, to match the colors and lengths desired for your project.

wallplatesWall Plates & Jacks
We also  provide to our customers the widest variety of Category 5 Wall Plates and Jacks: Keystone Wall Plates

     Blank Wall Plates
     Surface Mount Boxes
     Surface Mount Inserts



All our products are UL and CSA listed.


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