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Wire Harnesses, Automotive Harnesses

We offer cable harness, wire harness services, and automotive harnesses for the widest variety of applications, and industries. We understand that the electrical components of your product may have to perform under very tight mechanical and physical requirements.  Let our expert engineers help you develop innovative and integrated solutions to overcome any difficulty and achieve a product that is both on spec and on budget.

Wire Harnesses - Industries served:

     Cable harnesses & wire harness manufacturing for aerospace applications, military specifications (MIL-SPEC, MIL-STD)

     Wire harnesses for medical or surgical applications;

     Electro-mechanical wire harnesses for industrial automation and

     Telecommunication harnesses for telephone, wireless and cable television applications

     Cable and wire harnesses for consumer electronics

     Electromechanical wire harnesses for household appliances

     Cable and wire harnesses for computer applications.

     Cable harness and wire harness services for automotive applications.


 Wire Harness Quality & Customer Service – Our Main Priority

    Automotive Wire Harnesses 1 Design assistance, and we can help with cable and connector selection, layout and manufacturing techniques, and computer aided design (CAD)

     Rigid Production and Quality Control Standards are being enforced throughout the company. 

     Wire Panel Assemblies, Industrial Cables – our specialty

     Upgrades or cable / harness redesign, re-evaluate or modernize existing cable assemblies to improve performance and/or reduce costs

     Rapid prototypes or short-run manufacturing prior to mass production.

     All manufacturing processes, such as soldering, termination, wrapping and testing

     Just-in-time manufacturing

     Stringent quality assurance or testing procedures

     100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Automotive Wire Harnesses 2Automotive Harnesses
Our many years of experience in designing and manufacturing complex automotive harness assemblies makes it possible for us to bring to bear extensive engineering and production capabilities on each and every one of our customer projects.

Automotive Wire Harnesses 3All of our auto harnesses are assembled to strict customer specifications to ensure a perfect fit and provide top level performance. 


Automotive Wire Harnesses 4We can build custom wire harnesses, pigtails and wiring assemblies to your print or help you with your design and prototyping.  Some of our markets include: Automotive OEM, Automotive Aftermarket, Truck and Bus, Farm Equipment, Marine and Industrial markets. Our specialty is low to medium volume harness assemblies, pigtails and prototypes. Wire marking and printing is available.


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